Celebrating 2 Years In Cancun, Mexico

Last week Hannes & I were lucky enough to get a week in Cancun to celebrate 2 years and to get a week away from the crazy house we live in… sorry fam! When we were planning we really just wanted a week of laying on the beach and enjoying the hotel which is exactly what we got. We stayed at the Westin Resort & Spa and going into it we were extremely nervous because all the reviews we read were people complaining about the construction they were doing throughout most of the hotel… Luckily, we were not in the building with most of the construction but it did effect a lot of what is open in the hotel like the fitness center, restaurants, and a few other little things.

Overall, the beach was beautiful. The water was extremely clear & besides the seaweed it really was a great beach with very few people, which was totally unexpected seeing how we went in the middle of the summer.

We did want to explore the island a little bit, so we did what we thought was going to be a snorkeling trip, but ended up mostly being a day out on the catamaran. Although it wasn’t exactly the snorkeling trip we wanted, the water was so clear that just the view made up for it. We also got to see a little bit of Isla Mujeres which was STUNNING WATER & it was awesome to see what the locals lived like and to have a change of scenery. The boat was open bar which is fun but also meant that they kept serving us “Mexican Water” aka beer… which lead to me doing a lot of “accidental” spilling… OPPSSS!!

HOWEVER, the biggest reason I wanted to write this post was to say that if you ever find yourself in Cancun, you absolutely need to go eat at Navios for dinner! We went on a Thursday night and it is this super cute restaurant that is open to the water and all the tables are on docks! We had an amazing view of the sunset, not to mention that the food was really good, and they had live music which ended up being a guy walking around to all the tables and playing the saxophone, it was freaking beautiful!!! It was by far the most romantic dinner and we didn’t even have to lift a finger to make it happen….

It’s safe to say the countdown to our Florida beach trip is on!!