My Experience with Eyelash Extensions

Hey friends,
A few months ago I decided to give Eyelash extensions a shot and although it was very short-lived(I’ll explain why later), I learned a lot of the do’s & dont’s that I wish someone had told me.

I decided to go to Amazing Lash Studio which is a chain in the US, if you’re local to The Woodlands I went to the Indian Springs location, and to be honest the main reason I chose them was that the pricing was better than most other places I looked into. Getting my full set put on was pretty easy, I went for the natural look each time, it took about an hour. My one complaint was that my eyes were pretty red afterward, however, that did go away after about a day or two so I didn’t think much about it. She told me to come back in 3 weeks for my refill.

I went back about three weeks later and turns out it is not guaranteed that the lashes will last even 2 weeks. You’re actually expected to get a refill before you lose 75% of your lashes. So when I went in for my refill at 3 weeks, I was told that I needed a full set again, but the studio was great and gave it to me at the refill price because no one had explained that to me at my first appointment. HOWEVER, the stylist I got for this first refill did a horrible job. There is no nice way to put it. I will take part of the blame because I know she was a little rushed on time with needing to fill a full set into a shorter amount of time, BUT she basically glued the extension to each other and my real lashes. This meant for about a week it hurt anytime I closed my eyes too tightly, not to mention my lashes fell out super quickly and in big clumps, pulling out my real lashes with them.

I ended up having to go back at exactly two weeks because if I waited even a day longer I probably would have needed to get a full set again and I was not about to pay for that.
Finally, the second time I got a refill I went to a master stylist, which you pay an extra $10 for, but it is way worth it and she did amazing. There was no glue on the lashes when they fell out and it looked and felt so natural. I swear you wouldn’t even have known they were extensions.

However, sadly after I got them done this last time my eyes were super bloodshot and red and then on the third day I woke up and my eyes were extremely swollen and the redness hadn’t gotten any better so I decided to get the extensions taken off. There is a good chance I am just allergic to either the tape or adhesive but I wasn’t willing to keep them on just in hopes of figuring out what specific thing my eyes were reacting to.

Up next, I’ll definitely be giving lash lifts a go and see if I can stick with those instead. The benefit to that is that it is my real lashes and they are said to last much longer.