What I’ll Miss the Most About Texas

Howdy Y’all,

(Jk I dont use the word Y’all, or howdy for that matter, but just seemed fitting since this is my last blog from the Lone Star State). (Also don’t know if that’s true either because I’m technically in Georgia writing this right now and I’ll already be living in Sweden when I actually post it….)

ANYWAYS, I was feeling a lil NOSTALGIC and thought it would be fun to write what I think I’ll miss the most and then in a few months write what I actually miss the most and see how accurate I was.

  • Texas Wildflowers/Back Road Roadtrips – Seeing as how I’ve never actually visited Sweden in the Spring or Summer I’m not sure if I’ll actually have this or not when I’m there but I can say with full certainty that my favorite part of a lot of TX drives are the huge patches of flowers along the side of the road. It’s actually one of the few things I really miss about going to school in Waco so I really hope that the summers there have just as many flowers and sunsets as Texas. IMG_7585
  • Flavored Coffee – From my experience most people and coffee shops don’t drink/serve flavored coffee and that is the only way I like my coffee so we shall see what I come up with because I really don’t know if thats something I’ll be able to give up or adapt to. With that being said any tips would be greatly appreciated or syrups or recipes to make at home.
  • Blaring Old Love Songs in My Car – I will not personally have my own car, nor do I know how to drive Hannes’s car yet (it’s stick shift) so I already know this won’t be happening any time soon, but it is one of my favorite things to do when I’m in the car by myself so maybe I’ll just have to do that in our apartment instead lolz
  • QUESO QUESO AND MORE QUESO – I honestly don’t know how this wasn’t the first thing that came to my mind but I actually have tacos/tex mex at least once a week so this will be HARD to live without. AKA, hit me up with any good recipes I can make at home because I refuse to give that up. And by queso I mean quality Torchy’s Tacos kinda queso.
  • Sunshine All Year Round – although, this has certainly not been the case this past year normally, Texas and Houston specifically has sunshine and warm weather most of the year. Seeing as how I have only ever lived in Florida and then Texas, I am fully prepared for the weather change to be one of the bigger adjustments I have to make.
  • Pool Days All Summer Long – This is pretty self explanatory, but nothing beats walking into my backyard, in my bikini, with a book in hand and taking a dip whenever I get too hot.

Obviously, the things I will miss the most are my family, friends, and dogs but I really didn’t think I needed to explain those…