Barcelona Dreaming…

Although this might not be an update about my big move I thought I might as well fill everyone in on what I’m doing to pass the time, and also I would never give up an opportunity to write about my favorite subject: traveling.

Last Monday I was able to go on a short trip to two of my favorite cities, Barcelona and London! We arrived on Monday and I immediately fell in love with the hotel and the beach view that we had.

We got there around lunch time and went to a super cute restaurant on the beach called Gallito, while we waited for our rooms to be ready. We started with the shrimp and calamari tapas, then for meals we got the entrecĂ´te and lobster mush with rice, and then we finished with fondue and lemon pie and wow was that just the best start to a week filled with amazing food.

We then spent the day on the beach laying out before passing out after a long day of traveling.

The following day we got up and went to the Mercat de la Boqueria which was such a cool experience, I can tell you right now that if I ever live in Barcelona I will gladly bypass all grocery stores and only ever go there. We walked around took tons of pics and then sat down at Bar Boqueria for a lunch filled with seafood and a top notch sangria that I would 10/10 recommend. There were a ton of kiosks that you could sit down at and order a variety of different foods, so it was definitely not limited to seafood.

From there we just kind of walked around and roamed the streets of Barcelona.

The next day we woke up and went to one of my all time favorite brunch places called Brunch n Cake (I think that was the best iced vanilla latte I’ve ever had) and then we went off to Park Guell and Sangrada Familia which are two of the more well known tourist spots.

I would suggest getting tickets online for both because it is really unlikely that you will be able to straight in without having purchased them in advance.

Sangrada Familia is absolutey stunning, we did normal ticket to go inside and then the tower lift which gave us a great view of the city. My favorite thing was the windows, they are designed to draw your eyes upwards towards God and inspire prayer and meditation.

Park Guell was also really beautiful, I loved the tile work that was emphasized throughout the whole park. It is however currently under quite a bit of construction which definitely changed the experience a lil. I guess that just means I’ll have to go back and see it when it’s done…

Our last night was by far my favorite. We went to Casa Batllo which was redesigned by the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. It is inspired by the ocean which if you know me you know that just speaks to my soul. We went for their Magic Nights where you tour the house and get an audio guide and then finish with two free drinks and live music on the rooftop overlooking Barcelona. It was so beautiful and I highly recommend it to anyone who has the time to go. (Gaudi was also one of the architects who worked on La Sangrada Familia & Park Guell).

After Magic Nights we went to one of the best dinners ever at a place called Petit Comite and we all got the Paella which is one of Spain’s signature dishes and was to die for.

Throughout our trip we also ate at our hotel the W several times and it was all super good and we got drinks on the beach at Jefferson which was perfect for people watching. After two trips to Barcelona I can truly say I cannot wait to go explore more of Spain and S/O to my great great grandparents for allowing me to call this place home.

Disclaimer: I typed all of this on my phone so any accents that I’m missing are not my fault.