Life Update: Sweden!!

Hi Friends!! It’s been quite a while since my first post about moving to Sweden so I thought it was only fitting to write an update while here I’m visiting Hannes.

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In March I submitted my application to move and ever since we have been awaiting a response. They say the whole process can take about a year which means its pretty normal that we are still waiting. They recently asked him for some more information on where he lives and works and we are hoping that is a good sign and that more information will be coming soon.

I know the next steps will either be the send in more information that they ask for or to schedule an appointment at the Embassy. After that is when they would make their final decision about whether I am approved or not.

Sadly, there is always a chance of them denying my request for whatever reason, but if all goes well I like to believe that the process could be finishing up by the end this year. (Clearly, this is not guaranteed this is just an educated guess on my part).

If all goes well and I am approved in the next few months then I will be moving in and trying to find any job where I don’t need to be fluent in Swedish (although I am currently trying to learn)!!

Until then, I will be visiting as often as possible and working/saving money at home. To be completely real with everyone my life definitely feels like it’s on hold lately and for those who know me well that is not a feeling I am used to or a feeling that I am particularly good at. BUT, I am so excited to be moving and my excitement for that far out-weights the negative.

ALSO… this gives me quite a lot of free time for some traveling and visiting all the friends that won’t be so easy to visit once I move SO if that’s you be expecting a call planning my visit ;)))