An Honest Review of Turkish Airlines

I recently used Turkish Airlines to visit Hannes in Sweden and while booking/up until the flight I was super skeptical. I had heard pretty bad reviews of the customer service and that the airline was on the stingier sideHowever, I have to say my experience was pretty good and I would definitely fly with them again.


  1. 2 free checked bags – This is a game changer to me, often times when I have traveled internationally it has been for longer periods of time which typically means more things to pack so the fact that I  got 2 free checked bags was a huge plus. I have flown other airlines where I have had to pay a hefty penny just to check 1 bag so I was so thankful to not have the added expense to an already expensive situation.
  2. Free Meals – This was such a shock to me because I have flown other airlines where you don’t get a meal unless you pay beforehand or where you only get 1 free meal. With Turkish, I actually had 2 meals during both of my long 12 hour flights, a dinner and a full breakfast. Then on my short 3 hour flights, I also got a meal which does not happen when you fly within the US.
  3. Free seat choice – This was actually a huge surprise to me as well, so much so that I didn’t even take the opportunity when I had it because I didn’t believe it was actually free when it was offered to me. However, you do get to choose your seat in economy. This is such a benefit when you have to be on a seat for 12 hours and especially if you are traveling with someone because you can find seats together without adding to the price of your ticket.
  4. New Airport in Istanbul – From my understanding, all international flights using Turkish airline’s will have a layover in Istanbul, but they just built the new, huge airport and it is extremely easy to navigate. They have people all over the airport that are there just to help anyone who is lost or needing assistance and the facilities are all clean and new. The best example of this is that every bathroom has someone stationed it in to keep it clean.
  5. Amazing Customer Service – Obviously I didn’t have any big issues like delayed or canceled flights so I can’t speak to how they would handle that, but as for the flight attendants and employees everyone was extremely friendly, more so than most other airlines I’ve flown.



  1. Because everyone is allowed 2 checked bags it does take quite a while to pick up bags from baggage claim.
  2. It definitely wasn’t the comfiest chairs I’ve sat on in an airplane, but that seems to be the direction most airlines are going in.


If you want any more specifics or have any questions while considering Turkish Airlines please don’t hesitate to ask! Overall, I had a great experience using them and would definitely do it again if they continue to beat out other airlines with their cheap flights.

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